Pressure Washing Augusta, GA

pressure washing augusta gapressure washing

If you live in Augusta, GA, Aiken, SC or anywhere in between, then you no doubt experience dirty exterior walls on your home from build up from time to time. Perhaps you need your driveway or gutters cleaned. Hiring our experienced Master’s Cleaning Team for pressure washing in Augusta areas and suburbs will help you maintain your investment. Our “soft washing” techniques ensure your property will not be damaged while guaranteeing a thorough cleaning. Soft washing is rated at 500 psi or less. Moderate pressure washing generally runs at 2500 to 3500 psi.

High pressure washing can be dangerous both to the worker and the property being cleaned. If used on painted wood siding or soft wood decks, the surface could be stripped and the finish significantly damaged. Window vapor barriers can be broken from high pressure washers and surrounding plants can be hurt. Low pressure washing ensures the safety of the property while leaving your exterior glistening.

The benefit of soft washing is that it utilizes safe detergents that are applied and then rinsed with the pressurized water. If you hire cleaners who do not use any cleaning solution, it is a sure sign they lack experience or are trying to avoid their own expenses. Masters Cleaning provides pressure washing in Augusta, GA that exceeds other services, as we provide experienced professionals to clean your home with care and precision.

For masonry and brick, moderate pressures are acceptable, as cleaning removes tough grease, graffiti, burn marks, or desired paint stripping. For commercial buildings, Masters Cleaning can provide storefront maintenance, parking lot flush, sidewalk cleaning, stain removal, paint stripping, and even waterproofing, caulking, and concrete staining. In residential areas, we wash homes, clean gutters and roofs, and clean and restore wood, in addition to sealer applications, epoxy coatings, concrete staining, and stain removal services.

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